How does Meditation help?

Our choices affect . đź’• Life is a plentitude of moments, each offering a multitude of choices. From the simplest decisions to the most significant ones, the choices we make shape the course of our existence. The importance of choices lies in their power to define who we are, what we become, the impact they have in society, and how … Read More

Ganesh: Remover of Obstacles

Ganesh (or Ganesha/Ganesa) is known as the “Lord of Good Fortune” who provides success, prosperity, fortune and abundance. He is also the Lord of Beginnings and the Remover of Obstacles, of both material and spiritual kinds.     Zenia, Savitri’s daughter, designed this to inspire you to aspire and live your heart’s purpose. That is why the beautiful design is centered … Read More

Color is Life by Savitri

Color is Life By Savitri When I was 25, I was very ill and turned to meditation to support me. The first demand from my Spirit, through my meditation, was to stop wearing all dark colors, especially black and brown. I was guided to wear happy, uplifting, peaceful colors. To my surprise, my body, my mind and my emotions began … Read More

Meditation Studies

Schneider, Grim & Rainforth et al. looked at 201 men and women with coronary heart disease who took part in one of two groups: a transcendental meditation (TM) program or a health education program. After five and a half years, the TM group showed a 48% risk reduction for heart attack and stroke. Another study by Pagnoni & Cekic compared gray matter in … Read More

Why use Essential Oils?

Essential oils are essential to — Use the essential oil, White Angelica, from “Young Living Oils” – rub a few drops into your hands, inhale the fragrance three times, and do the cocoon meditation, feeling White Angelica surrounding your body, allowing it to do its job of increasing white light around you. Suggested oils: Joy (opens the heart chakra), Orange … Read More

3 Heartfull Lifestyle Tips

1. Keep outdoor footwear near or outside the front door of your home or teaching space. If you are not able to shower as soon as you come home, at least wash your hands and feet. 2. Brush your hair before going to bed. This removes unnecessary negative energy and thoughts from around the head. You will sleep much better and … Read More

What is Meditation?

Meditation is the most straightforward method for the human mind, yet it yields limited outcomes. Contemplation, on the other hand, is more challenging but offers greater rewards. The most demanding, yet the most expansive and rewarding, approach involves self-observation and liberation from the constraints of thought. One can select any of these methods based on their inclination and ability. The … Read More