Color is Life by Savitri

Color is Life

By Savitri

When I was 25, I was very ill and turned to meditation to support me. The first demand from my Spirit, through my meditation, was to stop wearing all dark colors, especially black and brown. I was guided to wear happy, uplifting, peaceful colors. To my surprise, my body, my mind and my emotions began to feel more balanced. I had no idea that there was such a thing as color therapy. I was an interior designer for many years and understood color invokes feelings of beauty, order and self-expression, but not healing. I was happily surprised to learn that many scientists and doctors have been studynature-flowers_00273585ing color therapy for many years. Since my mid-twenties, I have integrated color therapy into my interior designing. I use green, from emerald to pastel, to help open the Heart Chakra and to feel self-love and oneness with others. I use bright, sunny yellow or soft, pastel yellow to awaken joy and reveal the inner smile. Also, I use red and orange, in softer hues, to energize and uplift laziness into action.

The meditations I teach are to visualize color, especially white light, as it includes the colors of the rainbow, therefore making it unnecessary to imagine all the colors separately to bring healing. The body recognizes white light for balance, self-love, and oneness with our true Creator. Soft pink light has a gentle healing presence which transforms our inner child wounds and brings maturity. In the meditation, we also imagine royal blue light to help release and transform karmic habits which are creating the unhappy and stagnant stories in our lives. The blue light also increases our devotion and commitment to our true purpose, bringing permanent healing. As we go deeper into our Heart Chakra and closer to our Soul, we imagine and feel the silver light to reconnect with the Divine Feminine aspects of ourselves. Gold light is also imagined and felt to reconnect with the masculine parts of ourselves. Our Soul, the Spirit, the Creator are all energy particles of light – white, gold, silver and beyond.

8322699254_4f0b42978aWhen it comes to clothing, the body loves joyful, rainbow colors from soft, gentle pastels to more vibrant, uplifting, energizing hues. Color brings balance to the mind and body. We are color beings from Spirit to form. Many physicists agree that all matter is frozen light. This is why nature is so colorful, it is revealing the beauty of our true selves – color and light. We have heard many times that we are what we eat. Yet we also eat (absorb) through all our senses. The eyes and skin absorb color and light. I find that beige, tan and other neutral colors tend to numb the mind and prevent us from feeling ourselves as loving, alive, radiant beings of light. Since the skin emanates Light because it is alive, its color is irrelevant; however, inanimate black, brown and other dark, dense colors are “blindness” to our mind and eyes. These colors are used in nature to hide, block and separate us from our true selves. Black, brown and other dark colors actually deplete us of energy by absorbing light and positive feelings. This makes it difficult to receive life-giving energy from around us and blocks our ability to smile from inside-out. Furthermore, since the essence of yoga is to create union between body, mind and Spirit, it is logical to wear beautiful, joyful, uplifting colors that welcome your Soul into each yoga posture you do.

We live on a very colorful planet. Enjoy this gift of seeing and feeling your true self around you. After reading this article, buy a bouquet of flowers and observe the uplifting feelings that come up as you focus on nature’s expression of beauty and life. One day, in meditation class at Alive and Shine Center, you will see you are the light, colorful, radiant, shimmering and yearning to shine in every cell, bringing true health and joy. Let’s come alive and shine together and create a beautiful, love-filled humanity.  6c9a5562a96e7344ac283dec47aae7b7

Savitri and Dr. Dietrich Klinghart have done a few radio shows together regarding color, and Klinghart has spoken highly of the importance of color as well as the impact black or dark clothing has on the body. Studies have shown people who are depressed or struggling tend to veer toward dark colors, while those with a more calm or uplifted outlook tend to lean toward rainbow shades. Below are more facts about color from an article written by Dr. Dietrich Klinghart of Bellevue, WA.

“…treatment with color projection into the eye can have a profound effect on the hormonal system, the emotions, stress levels, sleep, brain function, and many other aspects of the patient’s biochemistry and well-being. The profound effect of light stimulation to the retina on the body’s metabolism has long been established through the work of the brilliant German ophthalmologist Fritz Hollwich, M.D., Ph.D.”

“A study showed that wearing black clothing immediately depresses the NK-cell activity and several other parameters used to judge the activity of the immune system. Black is carcinogenic. The opposite is also true: wearing rainbow colors stimulates the immune system and the mood.”

“German scientist Fritz Albert Popp, PhD. confirmed all cells in an organism use subtle light emissions to communicate with each other constantly. Cells gossip, inform, celebrate and grieve. Only cancer cells behave differently: they do not emit light.”

“Light (and sound) can have a profound effect on regulating and correcting inter-cellular communications.” [1]

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 9.34.53 PM

The chakra system shows how colorful and beautiful the human body is.

Chakras consist of the crown (purple), third eye (indigo), throat (blue), heart (green), solar plexus (yellow), lower (orange), root (red).


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  1. Hello Savitri ma’am
    Thank you for this article.
    Indeed I have noted that colourful outfit boost my mind but didn’t pay much heed to it.
    From now on I will . Thank you

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