Ganesh: Remover of Obstacles

Ganesh (or Ganesha/Ganesa) is known as the “Lord of Good Fortune” who provides success, prosperity, fortune and abundance. He is also the Lord of Beginnings and the Remover of Obstacles, of both material and spiritual kinds. 

Zenia, Savitri’s daughter, designed this to inspire you to aspire and live your heart’s purpose. That is why the beautiful design is centered on the Heart Chakra, with petals to open your heart. Red color chosen to invoke the holiday cheer and also red is known as the color of confidence, creativity, power and motivation.

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About Ganesh: Ganesh has the head of an elephant for many reasons. His large ears are to inspire you to listen more, big head to think big and imagine, small eyes to concentrate, trunk shows high efficiency and adaptability, right hand elevated shows blessings and protects you on your path, large stomach to peacefully digest all good and bad in life, broken tusk represents retaining good and transforming the bad, and small mouth to talk less.

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