Heart-based Active Meditation Techniques

Open Your Heart and Live from Love

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Center Mind

Active meditation techniques to take the clutter of the mind, thoughts that often don't even belong to you, to the wisdom of the heart.

Open Heart Chakra

The home of wisdom, intuition, integrity, conscience, morals, ethics and love; the heart chakra is the unsung hero in the key to discernment in life.

Transform Ego

Discernment is the challenge of humanity. Gain the ability to see the parts of you that have forgotten love and begin to transform them into the beauty of your heart.


Experience the beauty of the Heart Center through active techniques created and taught by Savitri for over 30 years. Transform scattered thoughts to the wisdom of the heart, create a protective energetic shield around your body, and much more through techniques that provide support sourced from the light within your heart. Feel free and live your life heartfully! Learn more below:


The Heartfull Story

Savitri, creator of Heartfull, was born in India and grew up in Bombay until the age of 7. Her mother was Italian (Naples) and her father Indian (India). Savitri began her journey as a young woman praying for truth and understanding for the incomprehensible events of her life.

Heartfull Journey

When Savitri was 11 she had a serious head injury, as a teenager she was orphaned as she suddenly lost both her parents in a devastating plane crash, shortly thereafter she experienced the shocking murder of her sister, her best friend then died of AIDS and her cousin committed suicide. These events led to life threatening illnesses and several near-death experiences.

Through sincere prayer and over 30 years of intense personal practice, Savitri healed her own personal tragedies and illnesses with lifestyle and meditation techniques she developed, helping thousands of students do the same. Since 1995 it has become her life’s work to share Heartfull™ Meditation with the world so we can truly live heartfully.

Savitri founded the Alive and Shine Foundation to share Heartfull Meditation™ and Lifestyle techniques to reach those who would never be able to find these solutions. She's co-founder of Alive and Shine Center in Bellevue and co-creator of the College of Purna Yoga with Aadil Palkhivala.

The Align and Shine Snacks and Heartfull™ Lifestyle helped her to come alive and shine, when she was told she would never have children, blessing her with her beautiful daughter Zenia. Savitri’s Heartfull Meditation techniques are taught in Alive and Shine Foundation and Yoga Behind Bars Foundation.

What does Heartfull Represent?
It's a mission of living from the heart in all you do.