Center the Mind

Active meditation techniques to take the clutter of the mind, thoughts that often don't even belong to you, to the wisdom of the heart.

Open the Heart Chakra

The home of wisdom, intuition, integrity, conscience, morals, ethics and love; the heart chakra is the unsung hero in the key to discernment in life.

Transform the Ego

Discernment is the challenge of humanity. Gain the ability to see the parts of you that have forgotten love and begin to transform them into the beauty of your heart.

The Snacks

the inner journey

Heart Chakra


Heartfull Lifestyle

Your Heart is Full of Love

Experience the beauty of the Heart Center through active techniques created and taught by Savitri for over 30 years. Transform scattered thoughts to the wisdom of the heart, create a protective energetic shield around your body, and much more through techniques that provide support sourced from the light within your heart. Feel free and live your life heartfully!

calm the mind

center the mind


Heart-focused active meditation techniques

Become Better

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Small Daily Improvements

Go a long way. Small changes done consistently are better than piles of hard work done once.