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Lifestyle Practices to Come Alive & Shine

These are practical ways to help raise your body’s vibration to a vibration that is as close to spirit as possible, until you realize that you and others around you are, in essence, Light and Love.

  1. Imagine a straight line as a ray of light from the center of the head to the center of the Heart Chakra. Keep this image constant through your day. This is the trick to having a focused mind and how the mind enters the moment of NOW. This is the true you – the thread of light that gave your body life.
  1. Live in a constant state of self-observation, rejection, surrender and aspiration. Observe what parts of you live from the Heart Chakra (expressing love and gratitude) and what parts of you live from your mind and pelvis (judgments, anger, hate, fear, jealousy, etc.). Reject all actions, thoughts and feelings that block the light by surrendering these parts to the light in your Heart Chakra. Use the Breath Technique and the Mental Centering Technique to support this process. Aspire to unite with the rest of your Light-Self in the deep recesses of your heart and feel love for yourself and for other people. The Cocooning Technique supports this aspiration.
  1. Keep touching and focusing on the Heart Chakra throughout the day. Choose one of the Shine Snacks to do every hour or two to keep yourself connected with your Soul.
  1. At bedtime, and upon waking in the morning, surround yourself with light by doing the Cocoon Meditation.   Say a prayer of aspiration and intention of what you want the light to help you to become. Shine, with clarity, the dreams of your heart around your body through the cocoon. The cocoon is like an energetic billboard radiating your soul’s intention for your life.
  1. Make a habit of washing your hands often throughout the day and always wash hands when you enter your home. The hands absorb a lot of imbalanced energy from the outside world. Your home is your sacred temple. It should hold an environment that supports welcoming your Soul in your body and life.
  1. Keep outdoor footwear near or outside the front door of your home or teaching space. If you are not able to shower as soon as you come home, at least wash your hands and feet.
  1. As soon as you get home, have a shower and change your clothes. Clothing holds energy and water removes it. You will clearly feel the difference in your life force, thoughts and feelings after a shower and a change of clothes. Remember that over 90% of the thoughts you think are actually not your own, and your clothes and aura hold these thoughts if not properly cleansed.
  1. Brush your hair before going to bed. This removes unnecessary negative energy and thoughts from around the head. You will sleep much better and your dream state will be more peaceful. If you don’t have hair, massage your scalp gently for a few minutes and then wash your hands.
  1. Wear joyful, heart-opening colors to help support the light radiating from your body. The clothes you wear are a gift to all who see you. Dark clothing absorbs darkness (ignorance), pushes away light and prevents light from radiating from your body. Remember that skin is alive and radiates light no matter what its color. You will feel happier wearing light, joyful colors and others will smile more and treat you better!
  1. Always have flowers in your home (bedroom and meditation space) and office space. Flowers hold the highest vibration of light on the planet aside from our human body.
  1. Look at a candle flame and memorize the light, bringing the image into the middle of your brain. Feel how your body reacts to the image of light. When you meditate remember the image and feeling inside your Heart Center. This will help prevent the mind from forgetting. On bright, sunny days also memorize how sunlight looks and feels. It is light that makes us feel alive because this is who we truly are.
  1. SMILE - There is a great power in smiling. Your soul is constantly holding an eternal smile of oneness, joy, and love for life in your heart. Your gift to your body, and the world, is to bring this smile upon your face. Throughout your day, bring a smile on your face when needed to uplift your mood. Also, whenever you look in the mirror smile to yourself in friendship and say “hi!” Smiles invoke the beautiful feeling of gratitude. Share gratitude for life through a smile to your friends, loved-ones, and strangers during the day. Wake up in the morning with a smile and go to sleep with a smile. Touch your heart chakra often, and smile when doing so. A smile is a ray of sunshine from the heart of our creator to all creation.
  1. Use the essential oil, White Angelica, from “Young Living Oils” – rub a few drops into your hands, inhale the fragrance three times, and do the cocoon meditation, feeling White Angelica surrounding your body, allowing it to do its job of increasing white light around you.
    1. Suggested oils: Joy (opens the heart chakra), Orange oil (calming), Surrender, Highest Potential, Abundance, Awaken, Forgiveness, Valor, Release, etc.
    2. To order go to youngliving.com and set up an account. You must enter my member number as sponsor and enroller. You can also call Young Living at 1 (800) 371-2928 and give my distributor # 57629 (my account is still under my old name, “Mirra”). For more information about individual oils for your growth, please contact Savitri.


  1. Alaskan Essence sprays, made from flower and mineral essences, expand the spiritual body more into your physical form. These sprays help bring more light into your aura and help you feel safer. Spray around your head and weak areas of your body. We sell these sprays at Alive & Shine Center.
  1. Divine Essences sprays, sold at Alive & Shine Center, are essential oil sprays that help release blockages and strengthen the physical body and mind. These sprays are astounding and a superb support on the spiritual path. You may also join their spray-of-the-month program by going to energizeandrefresh.com.
  1. Sunrider nutritional products – Aadil and I have been eating these products consistently over 25 years. These foods are 5,000 year old, highly concentrated nutritional formulae created for the emperors of China. These formulas help the body raise its vibration to hold and welcome more light (your Spirit). These products also give the body added energy to transform and dissolve your shadow into light. These foods are highly absorbable and help regenerate the cells, to let go of the past and embrace the glorious moment of NOW. Please contact Savitri, your meditation or yoga teacher, or the front desk staff at Alive & Shine Center about these products. Savitri can intuitively scan your body to find out what products are most effective to help you expand your Spirit into your body. To contact Savitri email savitrilight8@live.com.
  1. Rejuvenizer pendants are not only beautiful, but help shield your body from the chaotic, degenerative EMF energies created by the world of modern technology. They help your body realign into a balanced electrical state so the light of your Spirit can stay intact in and around the body. When you buy a pendant through Alive & Shine Center, Savitri realigns the pendant to a higher vibration of light and wisdom for you.
  1. Energems, sold at Alive & Shine Center, help balance, realign, enhance and protect the body. The symbols came to Savitri through deep prayer and she energetically upgrades the Energems weekly. Use the Energems to expand Light, be protected while traveling, reduce electronic and energetic chaos and bring more peace and harmony into your life and environment.
  1. What you put into your mind becomes your life. What you put into your mind through reading, watching TV, movies, listening to the radio, music, etc. become your thoughts, feelings and actions, and therefore your life. Be careful what you watch and listen to. Every moment of your life you are making a decision. Ask yourself this question as you are making decisions throughout the day, “Does what I am thinking, feeling and doing open my heart and welcome my Soul into my body and life?”
  1. It is very important to exercise the body daily, as this allows the soul to freely flow into each cell and remove resistance to change. Yoga is one of the best exercises to welcome your soul into your body. The variety of poses moves the body in different ways that you normally don’t move in daily life, lifting hidden blockages. As the body opens, with the intention to receive the soul, the mind and heart open even more. Whatever exercise you choose to do, whether a walk in nature, yoga, etc., in order to truly incorporate your soul into each cell it is important not to listen to music. Keep the mind focused on what you are doing, be very present, and feel the amazing bond of your Soul flowing into your body and allow yourself to feel alive. Keep this intention, “I welcome my Soul into my body with every action and each breath.”Copyright 2015, Savitri, Heartfull World, all rights reserved.

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