Why use Essential Oils?

Essential oils are essential to —

Use the essential oil, White Angelica, from “Young Living Oils” – rub a few drops into your hands, inhale the fragrance three times, and do the cocoon meditation, feeling White Angelica surrounding your body, allowing it to do its job of increasing white light around you.

  1. Suggested oils: Joy (opens the heart chakra), Orange oil (calming), Surrender, Highest Potential, Abundance, Awaken, Forgiveness, Valor, Release, etc.
  2. To order go to youngliving.com and set up an account. You must enter my member number as sponsor and enroller. You can also call Young Living at 1 (800) 371-2928 and give my distributor # 57629 (my account is still under my old name, “Mirra”). For more information about individual oils for your growth, please contact Savitri.
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